Hazel Park High School Class of 1988 20 Year Reunion
We would like to know what 80's music you would like to hear at the reunion. Please let us know here, and we'll be sure the DJ has a wide variety. (The DJ will be playing current music as well.)
Stevie B of course!!
Spring Love, Diamond Girl, etc..
Amy (Best) Szostek
Anything off the BAND FAGS! Soundtrack

See www.bandfags.com for the complete list...

(Yes, this is a promo for my soon-to-be released novel.  Hope to see you all at the booksigning in June 2008.  Details to come...)

Frank Polito
Hey This Is The DJ
Please take it easy on me!!  Just Kidding
Ron Oleski
Beastie Boys
I remember listening to the beastie boys most of high school. 
Funky Cold Medina Y2K version.
Funky Cold Media, or the Y2K version...I have both on mp3--if u need.  Let me know.  See u there.
Douglas Brooks
I am thinking a little Doug E Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, Run DMC, Dead or Alive.......
English Invasion!
Anything from Erasure, Eurythmics, Howard Jones, Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Culture Club etc...  You know, from back when MTV played music videos...
Michael Rackov
Music request

Must haves:

ATC- Around The World

New Order- Blue Monday

Depeche Mode- Just Can't Get Enough


Kim Waldis (Dao)
Lets hear some old school. NWA, Public E, 2 Live Crew
Mike M
Kool and the gang
Celebration, 80's bands 80's songs
Dan Moomaw