Hazel Park High School Class of 1988 20 Year Reunion
Show Us What You and Your Family Look Like Now!
Say "hello" to your Reunion Committee as of 10/26/07! From left to right -- Back row: Kristin, Joe, Lance; Middle row: Mike, Heather, Nancy, Lori, Tina, Kim; Front row: Lana, Karen, Amy.
Three Pirates at Sea (Jake, Dad & Josh) Submitted by Lance Greene
A chip off the old block-Tyler, son of Rich VanderVlucht
The shotgun is ready. Eryn, daughter of Rich VanderVlucht
My daughter Jenna, 7 - first day of 2nd grade. (Submitted by Heather (Morway) Pastorino)
My daughter Hannah, 5 - first day of kindergarten! (Submitted by Heather (Morway) Pastorino)
My kids: Brittany & Gage taken by: Jame Wright (Harcus)
Vivienne's first day of Kindergarten with Mom (Kim (Dao) Waldis) and brother Dominic.
My husband Andy and son Dominic, picture taken by my daughter Vivienne. (Submitted by Kim (Dao) Waldis)
Photo with daddy on AJ's first day of Kindergarten (submitted by Amy (Best) Szostek)
Ciara marching in Dearborn's Memorial Day Parade (submitted by Amy (Best) Szostek)
Me and my hubby Jeff. (Submitted by Amy (Best) Szostek)
My(Deanna Madden) boys....Mitch - 14, Jordan - 6, Mark - 16.
Me and my boyfriend, Mark. (submitted by Deanna (Madden) Knight)
Caroline Yetnick (Bagnasco)with Husband Frank and my son Darin (13) and daughter Amber (12)
Steven Vargo - nowadays - hope to here from some of you who remember me...I am downriver (Allen Park)..let's meet for a drink...catch up.
Hard at "Work"
My 15 year old daughter "SHAINA" submitted by: Tammy Burns (Breece)
My 10 year old son "ZACHARY" (Submitted by Tammy Burns (Breece)
Piston Fans Ryan, Abby & Drew Oleski
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