Hazel Park High School Class of 1988 20 Year Reunion
Please add your current information here (green "Add your details" link to the right above)...
As for "missing classmates" (see link in blue above), there are many listed who really aren't "missing".  In fact, some of them are currently on our committee, and some of them I've recently spoken to or e-mailed with.  However, so long as you are not registered under the "Classmates" section, you will be considered "missing".  (We just need to know FOR SURE that you have been to the website and are aware of the reunion information.)  Come on guys!  If Jenny Eiermann can do it, you sure can (LOL--just kidding Jen!!).  It literally takes less than 1 minute to plug in the required information.  Please also note that filling out a Questionnaire (which everyone needs to do for the Memory Book) doesn't automatically sign you up under the "Classmates" section.  You're registration is only complete when you do it through the link on THIS PAGE.  Click on the green "Add your details" link (above right).  Thanks so much!
Your Reunion Committee
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View profile »Tracy Steen (Adolph)
Ferndale, MI
Hi everyone...It really doesn't seem like it has been 20 years. The sad part is that I was just talking to my daughter about her graduating next year and realized during the conversation that this is my 20th year out of school. Looking forward to seeing … more »
Madison Heights, MI
20 years huh? Wow..long time....been busy. Pic is of me and a little carbon copy of me. Hope everyone is well.
View profile »Caroline Yetnick (Bagnasco)
warren, MI
Hi All, can't wait to see you again.
Brownstown, MI
I can hardly believe it's been almost 20 years. I'm excited to see everyone.
Hazel Park, MI
Hi all, I joined the Army after high school and I am still in. Coming up on my 20th year in the Army. I married Brenda (Schultz) Bergeron in 1990. We are still happily married to this day. Brenda is in Georgia. I will not be able to join you this year do … more »
View profile »Jeanette Kelly (Berrios)
Madison Heights, MI
My daughter Kally (16)
View profile »Barbara Henretta (Berry)
Lupton, MI
Hey class of 1988,
It was really great to see all of the pictures of the past class mates of mine. I did not get the honor of graduating with you all, but I still have a lot of great memories from high school. I was thinking about crashing the reunion to… more »
Dearborn, MI
Hey all!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm sure we'll have as much fun as we did at the 10th!

Amy (leebeth Katherine Diane Best) LOL :)
View profile »Lynette Todd (Bodenbach)
Waterford, MI
20 years...time sure does fly
View profile »Kimberly Duberg (Bowling)
Clarkston, MI
I married Chris DuBerg in 1990, we have 2 children, a son who is 18 and a daughter who is 15. We are still married and are doing well. I wish the best to you all.

Kim DuBerg (Bowling)
View profile »Theresa Skinner (Brecklin)
Fort Myers, FL
View profile »Tammy Burns (Breece)
Hazel Park, MI
Macomb, MI
Warren, MI
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